Assessment Center Transition Resources

PAEA is thrilled to announce that our Assessment Center will launch on August 23, 2023. The new Assessment Center, which will be integrated into the PAEA Member Community, will have three vital and distinct sections:

  • The Assessment Shop is where you will order exams.
  • The Assessment Hub will be used for entering student data and scheduling exams.
  • The Exam Delivery Platform will provide an intuitive interface that can be navigated easily, as well as transform the exam experience for students and faculty. It will offer modernized assessment features, accompanied by enhanced policies, to allow for appropriate flexibility while preserving the validity and security of our exams.

Transition Timeline

The final day of delivery of exams through our current system will be August 18, 2023. There will be no availability of exam delivery from August 19 through August 22.

Programs will have access to the Assessment Shop and the Assessment Hub on August 22. The new Exam Delivery Platform will be live on August 23 for students to take exams.

For now, exam users will continue to schedule and administer exams through ExamDriver and all current features and capabilities will remain the same. Although new End of Rotation exams will not be released until the next-generation platform is launched, it’s important to note that new version 27 PACKRAT exams are already available in ExamDriver. Keep an eye out for forthcoming announcements here on the Assessment Center Resource Page as well as in the Networker. We thank you for your patience and support as we look ahead to this exciting transition.   

Assessment Center Preview

During this year’s Exam Development Summit, PAEA volunteers had the opportunity to preview our new Assessment Center, which will launch on August 23, 2023. Watch their reactions here.

Coffee Talk Webinars

Learn More About the Assessment Shop, Hub, and Exam Delivery Platform

The Next Generation Assessment Center

PAEA is transitioning to a new platform to enhance the student test taker and member experience. To make the transition as seamless as possible, we are developing resources to guide members as they get ready to move to our new innovative platform. This infographic gives members an idea of what to expect from the new platform. There will be multiple points of user engagement which include the Assessment Shop, the Assessment Hub, and the Exam Delivery Platform. Each component has a different purpose, yet they work synergistically with one another.

Assessment Glossary

Some terms you will encounter in the Assessment Center are different than what you are used to seeing in ExamDriver. This week, we are providing a glossary of key terms. Staff members who work most with assessment tools may want to print out this PDF. You can also bookmark the Assessment Center Transition Resources webpage, where this PDF and other helpful resources will be located.

Assessment Glossary

New Master License Agreement

PAEA recently completed a comprehensive risk assessment. As a result of that process, PAEA is implementing a new program-level agreement to use its assessments. That means, to access the new platform, all PAEA Assessment user programs must sign the new Master License Agreement (MLA). Please note that PAEA is not accepting any revisions or addendums.

The vast majority of member programs have already accepted the MLA by our requested deadline. PAEA is still accepting agreements and asks that you prioritize its completion. If you need to send the agreement through legal review first, you can share the PDF version available here. If you have assumed the role of Program Director after April 20, 2022, please reach out to our team at so we can redirect the agreement to you.

Review the Agreement

Contact Us

PAEA is committed to providing superior exams that are secure and validated and to continue to support programs in the use of our suite of exams. If you have any questions, please contact us at, and we will be happy to help.