Assessment Resources

Assessment Resources are provided for our member Programs faculty. They will be available here in conjunction with communications that include our publications.


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Assessment Insights

A qualitative analysis of students’ end of supervised clinical practice experience and their requirements.

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Faculty Guides


PACKRAT is an objective, comprehensive self-assessment tool for student and curricular evaluation and a foundational tool that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

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End of Rotation™

End of Rotation exams are a set of objective, standardized evaluations intended to serve as one measure of the medical knowledge students gain during specific supervised clinical practice experiences.

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End of Curriculum™

The End of Curriculum exam is an objective, standardized evaluation of a student’s medical knowledge as one component of their readiness for graduation.

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Historical Statistics

The historical national exam statistics for the PA Education Association’s Suite of Exams can each be found below. Included in the reports are details on means, standard deviations, reliability, and standard error of measurement for retired exams forms.  

PACKRAT® Historical Statistics

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End of Rotation™ Historical Statistics

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End of Curriculum™ Historical Statistics

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