PACKRAT®: Statistics

Final Historical National Statistics

The historical national exam statistics for PACKRAT can be found on our Assessment Resources page. Included in the Historical Statistics reports are details on means, standard deviations (SD), reliabilities, and standard errors of measurement (SEM) for all retired exams forms. 

Current National Comparative Data

We know that having solid national comparative data is a top priority for PAEA member programs using PAKCRAT. National Comparative Data is released after 300 student administrations and are updated regularly to reflect the most up-to-date statistics. The data on this page include the mean and standard deviation (SD) for the current version. National comparative data are based on the performance of the current population of student test-takers.

PACKRAT National Comparative Data
Raw score (score range of 0-225)

Administration DatesVersionData updated onNMeanSD
Nov 2022–Current274/3/20236,818148.5321.45

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