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Proctoring exams is an important responsibility. Just knowing that you are actively monitoring will deter most irregular exam behavior. Proctors can also help students who are experiencing frustrations with their exams – though not with the content, of course. PAEA is here to help you understand the role of proctor, both for PAEA Assessment products and for other exams you may administer.

PAEA Assessment Exam Policies

PAEA Assessment products incorporate a suite of exams that have specific purposes and expected uses. PAEA, its member institutions, their faculty, and students share responsibility for the proper administration of the exams so that they can be relied upon by all PA programs as validated assessments of PA students’ medical knowledge. This policy document outlines the roles of publisher, user, and test-taker and the responsibilities associated with each.

PAEA Assessment Products


A 225-question, multiple-choice examination that allows for student self-assessment and program evaluation. Created by PA educators and exam experts using an extensive blueprint and topic list; used by over 90% of PA programs nationwide.

End of Rotation™

End of Rotation exams cover the 7 core supervised clinical practice experiences of PA education. Created by PA educators and exam experts specifically for use by PA programs.

End of Curriculum™

The End of Curriculum exam is an objective, standardized evaluation of a student’s medical knowledge as one component of their readiness for graduation. Written, reviewed, validated, and standard-set by PA educators and exam experts.

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